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Katherine Leiva,M.Ed
Johns Hopkins University School of Education Graduate
Teach For America Corps Member 2011

Obesity and disease are part of my genetic makeup. Both of my parents died due to their issues with diabetes and high blood pressure. If my parents were healthier, they would probably still be around. Growing up, I was aware of the health risks associated with an unhealthy lifestyle, yet I did not change my unhealthy habits.

As a result, during my first year in the classroom, I was a whopping 280 pounds. The added stress of being a teacher did not help, but it did give me the motivation to make a change.

Through the help and support that I received from Balla and my students, attaining a healthier lifestyle became possible. With a strong focus on nutrition and well-rounded exercises (modified the whole way), I was able to drop 110 pounds and completely change my life for the better!

FitLit is a state of living. My students and I are a living testament to what literature and fitness can do to alter one's life path.