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Genuine love for reading remains a strong indicator of academic success

FitLitters choose their own books and learn how to analyze them

FitLitters develop love of reading and learn the importance of reading for pleasure


FitLit Literature Themes for Summer 2017

  • Week 1
    Love & Hate
  • Week 2
    Acceptance & Identity
  • Week 3
  • Week 4
    Making Tough Decisions

Day 1: Character Development

  • Characters' traits: thoughts, actions, physical appearance, and more
  • Characters' transformation: dynamic or static
  • Characters' relatability: connection to other characters and connection to reader

Day 2: Setting

  • Location, time, environment, occasion
  • Reality or fantasy
  • Impact on characters

Day 3: Author’s Purpose and Perspective

  • Informative, persuasive, or entertaining
  • Main message
  • Connection to reader across time and space

Day 4: Plot with a focus on Conflict, Climax, and Resolution

  • Plot elements: conflict, climax, resolution
  • Plot and resolution: comedy or tragedy
  • Plot in movies and songs

Day 5: Connect to Real Life: Our Theme, Our Book, Our World

  • Various artistic media: articles, movies, songs, poems, and more.
  • Connection to reader
  • Connection to society

FitLit mixes weightlifting, cardiovascular, aerobic, and plyometric exercises

Each workout starts with a warm-up and ends with a cool-down session

Intensity of workouts gradually increases based on FitLitters' levels


Day 1: Fit Test

  • FitLitters get a clear idea of their current fitness levels
  • FitLitters set individual goals for the whole program
  • FitLitters track their progress every Monday

Day 2: HIIT Cardio

  • FitLitters experience high-intensity intervals training
  • FitLitters go from slow to explosive pace in short intervals
  • FitLitters exercise smarter instead of longer to burn maximum calories

Day 3: Steady Cardio + Core

  • FitLitters test their endurance.
  • FitLitters exercise slowly and focus on improving their form
  • FitLitters focus on core-strengthening

Day 4: Plyometrics (Jump Training)

  • FitLitters experience lots of jumping
  • Power jump, frog jump, bench jump, log-jump, kick jump
  • Jump rope, jump squats, jump lunges, jump burpees

Day 5: Sports/Fun Day

  • FitLitters' engage in fun activities such as Zumba, Yoga, Dance, etc.
  • FitLitters tap into their natural competitiveness
  • FitLitters experience training from various sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, handball, soccer, and many more